Indiana Films LLP, founded in 2000, is a fast growing company with a focus on film and music production. Indiana Films is based in Muncie, IN. Indiana Films was established to make a lasting impact on the community by supporting the creative efforts of the citizens through the use of technology.Indiana Films is a collection of artistic talents gathered from a wide variety of uniquely talented individuals and businesses. We provide an outlet for local talent of all kinds. Our sole purpose is to help you develop a product that captures the essence of your talents (on video) and then provide you with the platform to show it off to the world.

Indiana Films has a history in the entertainment industry. Through constant research and implementation of new technologies, Indiana Films offers a large assortment of useful video production services including: filming, video editing, video encoding, CD or DVD duplication and online promotion / advertising. These services are offered by appointment only.

Although the majority of our visitors come from the Midwest, because we offer FREE streaming video on our websites, we attract a worldwide audience from as far away as Rome, Italy and the former Russian Republics. Indiana Films is proving that the state of Indiana's contributions can appeal to almost anyone.